My Wheel Is Broken And I Want To Cry

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I was at peace, sitting calmly in the studio carving my new mug designs. Thinking of my childhood, carving doodle like patterns that could have been done when I was twelve. Then there was an almightly bang. I was confused and shaken, had someone opened fire on my studio; was my life in danger?!

It was only when I smelt plastic burning that I understood the bang must have been something electrical. I was sat in front of my beloved pottery wheel, I hesitantly moved my foot to the pedal and slowly pushed it forward. Nothing happened. It must just need a new fuse; please let it be the fuse. After changing the fuse I lost all hope.

Surely there must be a way of fixing this wheel. I read the manual, that didn't help. I opened the bottom of the casing and stared at the electronics, that didn't help. I wrote an email to the people I bought it off, they replied with a long list of things to try; none of them helped.

After asking everyone I know that is a potter I got recommened one person who fixes wheels. He lives an hour away.  I packed up my faithful wheel and delivered it to this wacky genius who seems to think it could be very expensive.

I had just started making pottery again, overcoming my fear of the studio which I've wrote about previously. The first things I made on my return were some toothbrush holders; a simple form to break me in gently.

A few days later I made my first tankards. This is something I've been meaning to make for ages. Being a dedicated beer lover, they will be a joy to use myself, let alone sell to anyone else. Whenever I think of tankards I think of Oktoberfest where I spent an eventful stag party many moons ago. The tankards or steins as they are known in Germany were mostly one litre affairs. Big enough to make any man feel a sense of forboding for the weekend to come.

This incident has really thrown a spanner in the works. I really can't do anything at the moment without a wheel. Or can I...

I have only ever made pottery on the wheel. Maybe this is an opportunity to explore other pottery techniques. I've never made a pinch pot or used slabs to construct with. Perhaps I will really enjoy trying a new method. I have about a quarter of a kiln load of wheel thrown pots so I need to produce some others before doing a firing really.

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