Check Order Progress

If you have placed an order through my website here, or on Etsy you can check its progress on this page. This whiteboard helps me keep track of my orders, hopefully you can read my scruffy writing!

I try and upload a photo every week so there is some time delay but it will give you a rough idea.

Dispatch Estimate:

6 - 8 Weeks - If you can't see you order on the board I may not have added it yet. I usually wait two or three weeks before wiping and updating the board, otherwise it gets too confusing.

4 - 6 Weeks - If you can see your item on the board. Personalised items can be found using the colour / pot type matrix. Other custom made items without names usually have the customers initials next to them.

3 - 4 Weeks - Dot next to item shows it is on the throwing list or thrown and ready to finish making.

0 - 3 Weeks - Cross through item shows it is made, ready to fire. This still takes some time as it needs to be bisque fired, glazed then glaze fired. 

If you can't see you item on the board and are worried about delivery please contact me.

You should be able to zoom in on the photo to read the board better.