Beginners Pottery Tools for the Wheel
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Beginners Pottery Tools for the Wheel

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During my time as a potter I've written blog posts to help people who are getting started in the craft. I often get questions about which tools you need when starting out. There are so many options it can be very confusing for people with no experience. 

I was a beginner not too long ago and ended up buying quite a few things I don't really need. I've decided to put together the ideal tool set for beginners looking to get started on the pottery wheel. 

These are basic tools but can be used to make a wide variety of pots to a good standard. After all the most important tools are your hands! 


  1. throwing stick
  2. 3 x chamois leather
  3. sponge
  4. curved wooden rib
  5. sponge on a stick
  6. metal needle tool 
  7. curved trim tool
  8. double ended carving tool
  9. cutoff wire
  10. stick gauge
  11. 30 cm / 12" metal ruler
  12. fettling knife
  13. metal rib

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