Stack Of Rustic White Cereal Bowls
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Cereal Bowl - Iron Speckle

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Big enough for even the mightiest breakfast. If cereal is your way to start the day, these rustic hand made bowls could be just for you. The size makes them a good all rounder for soups, puddings or snacks.

Each one is thrown on the potters wheel from speckled stoneware clay. The bowls are dipped in a rustic white glaze which shows the flecks of iron in the clay as black dots. The rims of theses bowls are waxed before glazing. This gives a lovely contrast of the dark bare clay to smooth white glaze.

The shape of these bowls makes them really easy to stack away neatly. As with all my pottery they can be put in the dishwasher after use.

  • Height - 8 cm
  • Width - 15.5 cm
  • Clay - speckled stoneware
  • Glaze - speckled white / unglazed rim

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