Espresso Cup

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Great coffee deserves a great cup. These handmade espresso cups have a unique character, each one thrown on the potters wheel. I have deliberately made the cup walls a little thicker than usual to maintain the heat of the coffee while drinking. These stoneware cups would make a great handmade gift for a crafty coffee head.

  • 6.5 cm diameter
  • 5.5 cm heigh
  • Capacity 75ml

These espresso cups are handcrafted from stoneware clay. A tiny lump of clay is thrown in the centre of the wheel. It's all fingers and thumbs making these cups, no heavy lifting needed, just a delicate hand.

I have kept the throwing lines quite obvious. I like how it shows off the handmade nature of ceramics. The handles are pulled separately and attached to the cups once they have dried a little.

  • These espresso cups are handcrafted from stoneware ceramics
  • Beautifully unique lead free glazes from my own special recipe
  • Hand crafting makes every espresso cup slightly different from image
  • Heavy duty packaging for safe delivery
  • Money back if you don't love them
  • Handmade in Sheffield, UK

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