Pair of Rustic Pottery Bowls
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Pair of Rustic Pottery Bowls

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I have a pair of these turquoise rustic pottery bowls available at the moment. They are in the same glaze with the same clay and were fired in a kiln next to each other. Amazingly they still turned out very different to each other. One has a light turquoise interior which a matt finish, the other has a much darker high gloss interior.

The size would make them ideal cereal bowls or they could be used for soup or desserts. 

The bowls are 14.5 cm diameter and 6 cm tall. The custom made glazes can be safely used in microwaves and dishwashers.

  • Beautifully unique lead free custom glazes
  • Hand crafting makes every rustic pottery bowl unique
  • Heavy duty packaging for safe delivery
  • Handmade in Sheffield, UK
FREE UK delivery on orders over £50
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