Speckled Stoneware Tumbler

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This handmade tumbler would be perfect for morning juice, or as a bedside rehydration vessel! The glaze is a really light blue colour which has been speckled with iron spangles.

I really enjoy making tumblers, and plan to do more soon. They are such a simple design, just gently tapered towards the bottom. This makes gripping them slightly easier compared with a straight sided design.

  • 8 cm diameter
  • 12 cm heigh

Making these tumblers on the wheel is great practice for making cylinder shapes. I follow the common methods for cylinder making. FIrstly the clay is centered, and a hole opened up using two thumbs together. I form the base of the tumbler and make sure it is nice and smooth. The lump is then coned in to enable a better pull of the walls.

The walls are usually lifted up to finished height in around three pulls. I have deliberately left the pulling lines very visable as a reminder that the tumbler has been handmade on the wheel.

  • These tumblers can be used in microwaves and dishwashers
  • Made from super durable stoneware 
  • Beautifully unique lead free glazes from my own special recipe
  • Hand crafting makes every tumbler slightly different from image
  • Heavy duty packaging for safe delivery
  • Money back if you don't love them
  • Handmade in Sheffield, UK

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