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Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you for all the interest in my new pottery site so far. I ran a 50% off promotion on Facebook for my first customer which generated a lot of interest. 

A few people were upset they missed out on the heart mugs. I've got a few more that should be available soon. If you'd like to be reminded about new items on the site join my newsletter. I will be giving weekly updates on what's happening in the studio, and new pottery for sale.

I've working really hard to expand my range of stoneware at the moment. Pictured below is some pottery in progress. I've made storage jars, salt pigs, bud vase / Reed diffusers, pint jugs, espresso cups, ring dishes, egg cups and a mixing bowl. I've also made Helen a vase which isn't in the picture.

I've been thinking that people interested in making crafts might be more likely to buy my pottery. It can be hard justify the price of a handmade mug with a factory made one to some people. At the end of the day, they both do the same job. Anyone that's ever tried making ceramics can probably understand the work that goes into producing something basic like a mug. I think other crafters could also appreciate the time and energy that has been required for making it.

I have always had a lot of interest in my yarn bowls so I plan to make more of them. I'm still evolving the design of my yarn bowls - you can see that latest idea in this short video.

If any knitters have any ideas on how to make the perfect yarn bowl, leave a comment or email me. I have had a few suggestions about adding holes for scissors or handles for lifting.

I've also been thinking of making pots for artists to use as their water pots and paint brush holders. I'm guessing the water pot would need to be mug sized and the brush pot a little taller to accomodate longer brushes.

A quick google on the subject and I've found these brush rests which have a series of notches to lay brushes on. I guess some artists use a few brushes at a time. These rest would allow the paint to be kept on the brushes without messing up the table, or mixing with each other standing in a pot.

We will hopefully be moving house soon. That is going to be quite and upheaval, for the family and my pottery. Hopefully it won't take me too long to sort the studio out and get making again. 

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