Can I use your pottery in the dishwasher?

Yes. Our low absorbtion stoneware can handle dishwashers without crazing, fading or any other damage.


Is it ok to use the pots in a microwave?

Yes. But please ensure you use oven gloves or other protection when lifting hot containers from the microwave.


Do you use lead in your glazes?

No. All our glazes are lead free. The full glaze recipe and clay supplier can be supplied on request to any interested parties.


Can you make more of a specific item that you have in stock?

If you are interested in larger quanties than we have available please contact us. We will be happy to make you additional pots. We can advise how long it will take depending on your request.


Can you make me something in 'post box red'?

Sorry, we do not make pots to specific colours.