Handmade Mugs & Cups

Handmade mugs, espresso cups & beer tankards all made in Sheffield, UK.

Everyone has their favourite mug - there's something really personal about what you drink from. I've spent a lot of time designing my range of handmade mugs so hopefully there will be a mug or cup to suite everyone. 

The process is quite a unique one in my small home studio on the outskirts of Sheffield. All my handmade pottery is thrown on the wheel and is increasingly raw glazed. This method is challenging but gives a really unique rustic looking finish to pots.

The iron flecked stoneware clay is fired in my gas reduction kiln. The speckle in the clay develops in a totally different way compared with electric kilns. 

If you can't find your perfect handmade mug here send me a message. I may be able to make the custom mug of your dreams!