Rustic Tea Mug
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Rustic Tea Mug

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Are you a rustic type of person who likes tea? Looks like you're in the right place. The development of these mugs has been on going for a while. I tend to make various samples and leave them in the kitchen cupboard. Whichever one Helen uses the most goes into production. It's been a solid R & D strategy so far. 

I've left deep throwing lines in these mugs unlike some of my other mugs which are thrown smooth, and trimmed even smoother. The rim of the mug has a slight lip which gives a nice drinking experience. When glazing the inside is filled first, and then the outside dipped at an angle. I've used different angles the way I do that to give some added variation between mugs.

This is my favourite size for a one bag cup of tea although I know everyone has their own preference. These mugs also fit nicely under my Nespresso machine when I fancy a coffee.

Approximate size:

  • Diameter 10cm

  • Height 9cm

  • Capacity 12 oz / 340 ml

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