Traditional Tankard
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Traditional Tankard

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There's been a long tradition of pottery beer tankards in England. I make these wheel thrown tankards in the same way I imagine they have been made for hundreds of years. They are not an exact copy of any particular tankard, but a mix of forms and glaze tones I've seen from the past.

These tankards could also be used as an oversized coffee mug for caffeine obsessives, or hot chocolate lovers. I like to have my morning tea in this size if I'm going to have a big breakfast. They hold around a pint so just right for most bottles of craft beer.

The pots are fired in a gas kiln in my small home studio in Sheffield. This process brings out the iron speckle in the clay and means every pot comes out a little differently. All my stoneware pottery is very hard wearing and dishwasher safe. 

These tankards stand at around 14 cm tall and hold roughly 1 pint / 550 ml of liquid.

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