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The Absolute Best Potters On Instagram - According To Me

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To be honest I joined Instagram because I wanted to show off about how great my pottery is. I soon found there are many super talented potters out there making beautiful work. So now I mostly just scroll through my feed feeling inferior. Here are some of the people who make me feel inferior the most!



Northern Potter a.k.a Karen Simpson makes really beautifully black and white line drawn characters, often contrasted with a brightly coloured interiors. I wanted to say 'cute' but that maybe doesn't do them justice. Her work is available to purchase on her Etsy Shop.




Then there is Yorkshire Ceramics, the home of Funtional (sic) & homely pieces. Angela suggests her pieces are ideal for food photography. She definitely has mastered the use of camera and lighting to showcase her pottery in the same way as a professional food photography might do. Visit her Etsy shop to purchase her work.




Loveyamore seems to have moved from California to Brooklyn recently? The style here can be vibrant colours, but what got me interested was the white glaze next to unglazed clay look. This is a style I am currently investigating myself.

The website is updated periodically when pottery is available.




Pottitude produces really beautiful mugs amongst other things. What struck me about the work is the perfect lines, even on the tall pieces, almost as if they were done pulling curve handles in some graphics software. The glazes blend beautifully fluidly into each other. 

These pots are very impressive, especially for someone who only started taking clay classes in 2015. More info can be found on the Pottitude (Celia Wiley) Website . 




Over to Australia now, I bring you kanewithclay. Some of this work looks to be pinch pots but I could be totally wrong. There's not much info on the profile, but I really love the simple decoration on these pots. The carvings are marks you can imagine potters have made since clay was discovered, but would still look great in a modern home.  




In the Netherlands triskelpottery creates beautiful pots with layered glazes that flow down the sides. Another potter who enjoys the look of unglazed clay on the outside of their pots. Find out more about their ceramics on the triskelpottery website. English translation is at the bottom of pages. 




I normally have a thing about angular handles on pots - they just don't look comfy. I'll let it slide in this case though as the wolf ceramics designs are pretty stunning. Bold colours and geometric patterns, but still an earthy connection to clay. Find out more on the Wolf Ceramics website.




The Lula Pottery Instagram feed has a beautifully consistent look. You can tell Carisa Miller has thought a lot about the style on her photography and props to enhance her pottery. The pots themselves are very natural looking with neutral colours that would fit into many styles of home very easily. See the Lula Pottery website for more details. 




The Instagram feed of Michael Angelo Truncale is a mixture of his photography and ceramics. What really amazed me was his modelling of animals, such as can be seen in this photo. I asked him if it was cast but apparently it is all hand modelled. The glazes are also really nice - possibly layered? 




I didn't realise until researching this post that Alison Wren is a fellow Sheffield potter. She describes her work as elegant forms having a gentle and subdued colour palette. There are many galleries in the area who stock her work, find out about stockists here.




And now for something completely different...Springfield Pottery. The skill and patience needed for this sgraffito work kinda boggles my mind. It's so fluid and flawless, I feel like I might as well give up on everything. Their Etsy shop doesn't have any sgraffito work left at the time of writing - I guess they sold out at Christmas. 



Steve Booton is a big inspiration for me. A fellow Sheffield potter, he once described the area as a cultural wasteland on one of his YouTube videos - which are a very good watch. He proves there's at least a bit of culture here, I was unfortunately unable to attend a recent open studio of his. Firing a gas kiln in his back yard inspired me to build my own kiln which I've been very happy with. Find out more about Steve here.



Of course I'm my favourite potter on Instagram :) If you don't already, you MUST follow The Little Pot Company ! My work is available to buy right here on this website, just follow the menus above. 

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