Top 5 Pottery and Ceramics Channels on YouTube

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Here are a few of my favourite pottery channels on YouTube. As a self taught potter, the internet has provided a lot of very useful information to help me learn. I also just enjoy watching other potters throw, and probably spend way too much time staring at the screen, mesmerised by spinning clay.


  1. Simon Leach is without doubt my favourite YouTube channel full stop! I suppose his meandering English sensibilities won’t appeal to everyone. In fact if you are after fast, well edited throwing tutorials this is probably not your best option. If you do enjoy a more relaxed approach though, there are some exceptional pearls of wisdom to be found here on all aspects of pottery and ceramics.
  2. Goldmark Gallery have produced a series of documentaries on potters from around the world. These are really well made, and are all worth more than one viewing. There is also a few pottery demonstrations y the likes of Phil Rogers.
  3. Ingleton Pottery demonstrates the throwing skills of Dan, working as a production potter at Ingleton, throwing items very quickly. There is a huge range of videos here, and most forms are covered so it’s a very useful resource to see the stages involved in creating different shapes.
  4. Hsinchuen Lin creates some very delicate, intricate pottery. His channel introduced my to the chattering technique, and the results he gets from it are quite amazing. There is a lot of trimming going on with his work, which makes him poles apart from potters such as Simon Leach, but I do like to watch a broad range of ceramic styles.
  5. Bill van Gilder is worth watching just for the relaxing music! There are also lot of other great pottery tips from Bill such as making a ’rounder’ for keeping a nice round rim on mugs and bowls.

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