Rustic Dinner Plate

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Every special meal should be served on a special plate! These handmade dinner plates look great and are super durable. Perfect for modern day living with a rustic charm.

Making plates is a labour of love. Many potters don't sell them as they take up so much kiln shelf space and therefore aren't very cost effective to make. I think that's a shame as they are such a lovely item to use in your daily life.

  • 27 cm diameter
  • 3 cm heigh

I begin the process of making dinner plates with 2kg of stoneware clay. After kneading the clay thoroughly I slam the ball down onto the wheelhead. The centering process takes a little time, coning the clay up and back down to align the clay particles.

After this I open the centered lump with two thumbs and begin to flatten and pull the clay outwards from the centre. I use a wooden rib to smooth the surface of the plate to minimise ridges which could be annoying when eating.

As with all handmade pottery the drying needs to be done carefully. I monitor the plates as they dry to pick the perfect time for trimming. The plates end up weighing around 800g due to the drying process and trimming of the footring. Trimming a batch of plates creates lots of clay that needs to be recycled!

Once the process of making the plate is complete they are dried over a number of days before being loaded into a bisc firing kiln. After this I dip them in a semi matt glaze which is coloured with copper oxide and rutile - a natural form of titanium dioxide. After drying again they are loaded back into the kiln for the final glaze firing.

  • These plates can be used in microwaves and dishwashers
  • Made from super durable stoneware 
  • Beautifully unique lead free glazes from my own special recipe
  • Hand crafting makes every plate slightly different from image
  • Heavy duty packaging for safe delivery
  • Money back if you don't love them
  • Handmade in Sheffield, UK

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