Salt Pig

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This salt pig or salt cellar sits happily next to any stove, ready for action. They come with a cute little wooden salt spoon. I remember using a spoon like it at my grans house when I was little. The pot has been designed to fit the spoon nicely, and hold a good amount of salt without taking up too much counter space.

When I started working in a kitchen my head chef used to always ask the newbies “what is the most important ingredient in the kitchen?” After watching them squirm a little, he would gleefully answer for them “salt!” I think he was probably right. It's nice to have a pretty place to store your most important ingredient!

  • 15 cm diameter
  • 11 cm heigh

These salt keepers are thrown on the wheel in two parts. Firstly I make the main body section of the container first. This is basically a cylinder that I close in at the top. I allow the centre to flair out a little when I close the top because I like the shape. When finishing the top I have created a little spiral with a wooden tool. There is a little bobbly swirl at the very top which gives a kind of loose feel to the design.

The opening part of the salt holder has been thrown separately as a kind of small cylinder with a rolled rim. Once leather hard it is cut to fit the body. The body has a hole cut to fit the attachment, and they are joined together by scoring the clay and adding a little water.

The finished ceramic salt jar is then bisc fired to around 1000 degrees Celsius. Finally the container is dipped in glaze before its last firing.

  • Salt pigs are made from hard wearing stoneware pottery
  • Beautifully unique lead free glazes from my own special recipe
  • Hand crafting makes every salt pig slightly different from image
  • Heavy duty packaging for safe delivery
  • Money back if you don't love them
  • Handmade in Sheffield, UK

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